Russian women make some of the greatest wives and mothers in the entire globe. They have very attractive accents, are sophisticated, ambitious, and enjoy traveling.

For a western man, Russian women are the ultimate package, take very good care of themselves, and hold pride in both country and their femininity.

Many men believe that finding and marrying a Russian woman is only possible by going directly to “the motherland”, but depending on where you live in the United States finding a Russian/Slovak community might be as easy as going out into your local community.

There are several states and cities across the United States that are well known for having Russian and Ukrainian communities, so read on to find out how near or far the closest ones to you are!

Florida Beaches: A Russian Paradise

Many people don’t know it, but major cities like Miami and Panama City, Florida are well known for their Russian communities.

In addition to the local communities and popularity of these cities to Russians, there are also a substantial amount of Russian exchange students living here as well – so the possibilities are endless!


Russian women by nature absolutely love the beaches, after all, it allows them to show off their amazing body’s and meet new people while having a good time.

Within these Floridian cities also check out the local souvenir shops, restaurants, and other local businesses as chances as Russians will be working there and even own many of them.

Russian women are approachable, and if you’re brushed up on or learned a few Russian words then all the better. Russian’s are by nature entrepreneurs and have their heads on straight, so if you’re looking to fall in love with one then you should too!

Pennsylvania: Near, Far, and In-Between

If you live in PA, and live relatively close to Philadelphia then this can be a great place to explore, join or hang out around local Ukrainian and Russian communities.

Northeast Philadelphia, in particular, is well known for a substantially sized Russian and Ukrainian community.


Check out the local gyms and tennis courts, and you might be surprised how many Russians (in particular women) you’re likely to meet along the way.

New Jersey: Down by the Shore

In Atlantic City, New Jersey there is a rather heavy presence of Russians and Ukrainians, in particular, young women – and a few men.

These Russian women (often young or students) come down to the beaches in Atlantic City to work on the boardwalk and at other local businesses.

Have a browse around, enjoy the beach, check out the major Pier shops near Bally’s casino, and give meeting local Russian women a shot.

Even better, the women here as they’re likely immigrants and on student or work visas, they will be less “westernized” and unique to their country of origin, more cultured, and likely speak some English depending on how long they’ve lived in the United States so far.


As for the remaining East Coast, places like New York City and Chicago are also great places filled with Russian communities, tourists, students, and workers.

As you can appreciate New York City is a huge melting pot of people from all over the world, so it makes sense why it’d be fairly easy to meet Russian women here or experience the local community and culture.

From the East to West: Finding Russian Love

Portland, Oregon unbeknownst to many has a huge Russian community, and many of them have lived in the United States for several generations.


Silverton and Woodburn are also definitely worth checking out. The several generation families that have immigrated to the United States often came during the Russian Empire, and therefore still remain quite cultured, proud of where they come from, and stick closely together in their communities.

Therefore, while you may be seeking a more “Fresh Off the Boat” experience with a Russian woman, you can find comfort in knowing that because Russians hold their heritage so closely to their hearts that they often go untainted by the majority of American culture and influences.

Making the Full Journey: Rostov-on-Don

Many people visiting Russia for the first time in search for their Russian love or wife make the assumption that Moscow, Russia is the best place to start.

While this can be true for those that enjoy a metropolitan environment, and don’t mind a woman that has expensive taste in clothes, jewelry and dining there are other better options.

If you make your first visit to Russia Rostov-on-Don and you enjoy diversity, then this is the best place to find beautiful Russian women to make your other half.

Rostov-on-Don is such a melting pot because it’s in between the Caspian Sea, Baltic, White, Black, and Azov Seas.


The Russian women here are from Jewish, Turkish, Georgian, Greek, and Armenian descent. Just to pluck one of these from the list, Armenian women happen to be some of the most incredibly beautiful, nurturing, respectable, and ambitious women in the world.

Because so many Russians have come from nothing they evolve into some of the strongest, hardest workers in the world.

Your opportunities here are literally limitless and are full of museums, landmarks, exquisite restaurants, and cafes they attract Russian women from all throughout the country.

Yekaterinburg: Big and Small Russian Life

Yekaterinburg happens to be one of Russia’s biggest cities, with over 1.5 million citizens. It’s also especially unique in that it has both Russian women that are from and grew up in the city, along with women from the outskirts and rural areas that now live there.

This is a bustling city, full of outgoing, beautiful, and young Russian women that are quite open minded to finding the man of their dreams.


Russian women, but especially in the city of Yekaterinburg are not against dating, marrying, and starting a future with a foreigner by any means.

This is not only because of financial stability, but also morally and ethically charged. Many local men do not give the Russian women here the attention they desire or believe they deserve.

Additionally, alcohol abuse and addiction rates here are so high and along with the ratio of women to men it should be no wonder why this place is swimming with young, beautiful, and elegant Russian women looking to meet their other half.

Novosibirsk: A Beautiful Delight of Class and Pride

The city of Novosibirsk is substantially large, has an incredibly beautiful opera house with shows playing for nearly any taste imaginable, and tons of touristy activities to do and places to see.

Along with its enormously successful and long railway systems for a romantic night, Novosibirsk also has a very popular university and is rated as one of the country’s best.


For you, this means tons of educated, young, and single Russian women looking to find their way in the world, enjoy life, and meet with people of similar interests.

Russian women here are by no means any less sexy than in major cities like Moscow, Novosibirsk just happens to be a “hidden gem”.

While it’s true major cities in Russia such as this and Moscow have it’s share of cold, snow-filled winters nearly every place in Russia does, and it’s likely that the country you reign from is full of its share of snowy seasons as well.