American man sitting with lovely foreign girls

For any guy who has ever been curious about those crazy romance tours where middle aged American guys go to Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia and get fawned all over by hordes of beautiful young women who want to marry them the National Geographic Channel’s new show, Bachelor’s Abroad, might just have some answers for you.

Bachelors Abroad follows a group of American men, who appear to be more than a little beyond middle age judging from the press photos, as they wine, dine, and woo beautiful young women from exotic countries around the world.

The men are traveling on a tour organized by a Phoenix based company, A Foreign Affair, and apparently they really get to see the sites in the first episode which is set in Kiev, Ukraine.

The title of the show, which is obviously a play on the title of Mark Twain’s 1869 novel Innocents Abroad suggests that there will be some real comedy – romantic comedy, cultural comedy, and probably slapstick – at least emotional slapstick – as these American men pursue sexy Ukrainian girls half their age.

But most men – especially single middle age guys – really want to know if it is really possible for average or slightly below average American men to date or even marry tall, sexy Russian models who are half their age and have twice their IQ.

Well, that’s the popular conception.

  • Are these men all losers?
  • Are these women all gold diggers?
  • What makes a woman want to sign up to be a mail order bride?  A lot of feminists believe this is simply a form of legal prostitution, but is that fair?
  • Do the relationships that do result from romance tours actually succeed?

I don’t know, but I know that I will be watching Nat Geo this weekend to see the first episode and get some answers.