Russian women are by nature some of the most stunning, well-kept, and feminine women to walk the earth. They are genetically beautiful in almost every case, know that they are, and have confidence.

While this may be intimidating to some men, there are plenty of men that complain a woman or their girlfriend has self-esteem issues, is overly dramatic, or insatiably jealous of any woman that even looks at you. Just because Russian women are some of the sexiest in the world doesn’t mean you can’t find, date, or marry one someday.

However, before landing a date with one or trying to it’s important that you understand how Russian women think, what they look for in a man, and how to read their body language, indirect cues, and brush up on their culture. Let’s go over some of the basics, do’s and don’ts and advice on how to read a Russian woman and tell if she could be the one for you.

natural beauty of a brown-haired Russian girl

Russian Women Know What They Want

Russian women happen to be some of the most ambitious, educated, and extremely attractive women in the world. Rather than the common clichés or assumptions – especially for those that have never met a Russian woman before – it’s worthwhile to perhaps check out your local Russian community, or consider a visit in the near future so you can see for yourself.

Russian women are not necessarily drawn to any specific nationality of men, but, are rather draw to specific characteristic traits per their upbringing and what they become accustomed or attracted to over time.

Men that are not only confident in their looks, but also the person that they are, what they have, and what they’re working towards will hold the strongest sex appeal to women in or from Russia. It doesn’t take a millionaire to know how to make good friends, pursue one’s dreams, and have something to show for it.

Chivalry is not dead in Russia

While a lot of Russian men might get a bad rep for things like living a “machoistic” lifestyle or being heavy drinkers one thing they do manage to keep alive is chivalry. Because of this, whether the Russian woman you’re interested in lives in or is from Russia she will expect you to show the same courtesy.

So from holding the door for her, putting yourself on the side of the street when walking together, and opening doors for her, you should expect to show her these courtesies. After all, would you want to miss out on a sophisticated, loving, loyal, and incredibly sexy Russian woman of your dreams all because you weren’t willing to answer the door or show her a little extra respect?

Your Friends Make You Who You Are

The types of people you hang out with, are willing to date, or grow an interest to will likely dictate the ways you yourself act and think. While it’s okay to be yourself, have guy time and do guy things, you should remain vigilant of the types of friends you’ll introduce your Russian date or lover too and how they might act.

Someone that doesn’t respect you or the woman you’re with likely isn’t much of a good friend either. Also, it’s worth noting that the types of Russian women you’re attracted to or considering are likely to influence what kind of man you’ll be, or what type of person you already are.

While there are plenty of people that like to have a good time, including people or women from Russia, they also tend to be more disciplined and responsible when it comes to drinking or going out for a good time.

This is not to say that women from Russia don’t like to party, and if that’s the kind of woman you’re looking for surely you could find her in any place, not just Russia. Keep in mind, however, the typical behaviors or stereotypical personalities that come along with such people before jumping into a relationship with one.

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A Man that’s both in Charge and Mindful

Russian women by nature are often attracted to the “alpha male” type. So if you’re the kind of guy that whines a lot, cries, or is especially emotional you may not do so well with Russian women. It should be appreciated that there’s a great difference between a man with feelings, one who is always or overly emotional, and one that has a heart and isn’t afraid to show it.

Women in general, including Russians, absolutely appreciate and will enjoy a man that knows how to be romantic, caring, and affectionate. But, they are also attracted to a man that can stand his ground and protect her. Therefore, if you go to the gym or are willing to this might help you win favor with women in Russia, along with taking good care of yourself, which we’ll explore more below.

Taking Care of You is Taking Care of Her

Russian women know how to take care of themselves, and you should too. If you drink or smoke excessively, this may be something you want to work on, or at least keep away from your Russian date or lover. Women from Russia grow up around and often have a bad impression or experiences with men – such as in their own family – that abuse alcohol or have other bad memories involving it.

While there’s no harm in having a few drinks, don’t be surprised if your Russian date doesn’t “know how to drink Vodka”. This is why it’s so important not to take stereotypes so seriously, if at all. Also, because Russian women are brought up to and big on family and one day making their own, they will want to know and find security in you taking care of yourself.

Therefore, if you smoke or drink excessively, there’s a good chance she may not take you seriously, move on, or always be fearful that you may not be around one day to care for her and your family. So, with that being said take these various pointers and facts into consideration before going out and finding the Russian woman of your dreams.