cute-russian-brideRussian bride are known to be passionate. They are also known to be beautiful. There are literally tens of thousands of these women out there who would love to get the opportunity to marry someone from an English speaking country.

Various Reasons

Often the employment opportunities in Russia don’t meet their expectations. Many of these Russian ladies are well educated, yet the economic situation forces them to work in menial jobs.

The only way they can get the chance to live and work in a country with better opportunities is by marrying someone from such a country.

Not Fortune Hunters But For Better Life

However, this does not mean these women are all fortune hunters. The majority of them simply want a better life.  Since the fall of the USSR the overall status of women in Russia has plummeted.  In part this is because of the instability in the economy, but part of the issue has been how Russian men reacted to the economic uncertainty and rapid political changes of the last twenty years.

Most men have responded by falling head first into the vodka bottle.  Russian men drink on a level that is hard for to appreciate even if you are from a hard drinking area like Scotland, Australia, and Wisconsin.  They drink vodka by the bottle, but they also drink industrial alcohol that was never meant for human consumption.

Meeting And Marrying – Find Reputable Company

For the man involved it would mean meeting someone that might be younger and more beautiful than he ever thought he would be able to marry.

Just make sure you arrange the introduction through a reputable company. There are some unscrupulous operators involved in this field. If you can get a personal recommendation, so much the better.

There are many companies that will only provide online the platform where you are able to meet the girls. What happens from there is up to you. You can view all their pictures and check out what their interests are before contacting them. If a relationship develops during your online chats, you can then arrange a personal meeting with the girl.

Other companies will do much more they will arrange for you to visit Russia personally and go out with a number of these women. This way you can make sure that the lady is what she professes to be and that you actually have something in common.

Even if you don’t marry one of them, meeting Russian women will be a great adventure. You will be exposed to a new culture and get to know many beautiful ladies.

The Beauty of Russian Girls

Beautiful Russian girls are looking for older men from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the European Union for dating and marriage.

These women are often stunning and tend to be well educated, ambitious, and sweet. Many guys find it hard to believe that these women can’t find eligible men in Russia. Well, they can find men, but finding men who are really cut out to be husbands is a lot more difficult.

Part of the problem is cultural. The old peasant tradition of the man being able to beat his dogs, his children, and his women is still strong in Russia, but that’s really not the main problem. Most Russian men are pretty decent guys most of the time.

Part of problem is economic. Yes, the Russian economy is not as strong as that of most Western countries, but Russia is poised to be the great economic power of the twenty-first century and most Russian girls have seen the standard of living rise dramatically in the last decade or so.

No, the real problem that Russian women have with Russian men can be summed up in one word: Vodka. Russian men pretty well drink on a Biblical scale. In fact, by most clinical standards the overwhelming percentage of Russian men should be diagnosed as alcoholics. Not only do they drink an amazing amount of vodka, but they also drink beer, wine, and even industrial alcohol, like hair tonics and cologne. They drink bourbon and scotch and make quiet a bit of homemade rum.

In fact, Russian men probably drink more than any large group of men ever have, because so much of what they drink is hard liquor.

By the time a sexy Russian girl is eighteen or nineteen she has seen nice, intelligent guys who become raving drunks three nights a week and the domestic violence and uncertainty that goes along with that.

She also knows from books, movies, and television that women in the West do not have to deal with these problems on anywhere near the same level.