Men from all over the world have a burning desire to meet the Russian woman of their dreams.

Russian women are incredibly gorgeous, and as sexy as they look in their photos times fifty! When you see one in person, it’ll be better than in the movies.

Russian women are naturally very sexy, confident, have an incredible sense of style, are independent, often well educated, mannered, and love to meet new people and travel.

Best of all, they’re family oriented and well cultured.

But How Do I Meet One?


Many men might be asking themselves, especially after hearing stories from others or reading articles on the internet; how do I find the Russian woman of my dreams?

The truth is, it’s not easy. Just like it isn’t easy to find a girlfriend or wife offline.

However, the benefits from your time and energy spent on the internet could easily pay off tenfold in successfully getting in contact with the Russian girl of your dreams—whereas offline may only lead to less than desirable women or perhaps a culture in which you’re no longer interested in or drawn to.

Believe it or not, in addition to the Dating Sites outlined below, you can also try a more ‘natural’ approach to meeting beautiful, single Russian women online.

In fact, signing up for the Russian version of Facebook (known as “Vk”) is a great first step, it’s free, and safe!

Also, it’s not specifically designed or designated as a dating-site, so there’s no hidden fees, expectations, or arguably as many women looking to scam, fakes, and “BOTS” on there!

Vk, simply put, is a more ‘natural approach’ to meeting and interacting with sexy, intelligent, creative women from around the world, not just in Russia!



Many of us have heard of it, and given its lengthy reputation for being a legitimate dating hosting site to various other countries and domains, RussianCupid isn’t a bad idea!

If you have the funds, patience, and dedication to meeting, mingling, and getting sexy and single Russian women to chat with you outside of their site too that is!

Also, like using the Vk approach as stated above, practicing and making an honest effort to practice and learn a little bit of Russian wouldn’t hurt.



CharmDate has actually received some really good feedback and reviews, is not as costly as Cupid, and seemingly has a substantial amount of available, sexy Russian women that are quite frequently online and ready to mingle.

Again though, there are plenty of individuals who just aren’t willing to invest the necessary membership fees for such dates, or pay for the translator, mailing back and forth, etc.—not to mention the prospective trips back and forth to Russia solely based on a Dating Site.



NatashaClub seems like a VIP experience type of dating service in which the majority of Russian singles are very sexy, relatively young, and questionably legitimate.

While it’s received some good reviews for bantering back and forth with hot Russian women, it’s worth noting that such a site likely has many BOTS, a lower-grade filtration system, and might have a stronger likelihood of “gold diggers” than not—given their age, profile comments and context, and the way the site is set up for members to interact or ‘match’.



Mamba is actually an older site that’s been around for many years, but is undoubtedly used very frequently by local Russians all throughout Russia, up in the hills, and even those traveling abroad!

The only “downfall” with using Mamba is that a translator will definitely be necessary, and or a basic level and knowledge of speaking and understanding Russian.

However, on the contraire! There are plenty of online free translators, and the Russian women that you interact with will be flattered and likely find it cute and attractive that you made the honest effort of signing up, and trying to learn or communicate with them!

Even better, do a bit of research on Mother Russian, learn your P’s and Q’s, and have something more to personal offer your potential future Russian girlfriend or wife with an impressive (any for that matter) level of knowledge about their countries history.



LovePlanet is a nice, more affordable route to trying out the “Online Dating Scene”, testing out the waters, and seeing if it’s even a good fit for you. It can definitely drain time, energy, and funds, so this is not a bad pick for someone just getting started or learning ‘the game’.

Consider it “field training” or a Newbie friendly dating site to finding sexy and single Russian women!

The only downfall with this site, which isn’t that great of a big deal, is sometimes the pictures take a while to get approved and post—but men seem less interested or preoccupied with uploading pics anyway, so it all works out!


Last but not least, really kicking it ‘old school’ is

This is an original site to say the least, has a very ‘user-friendly’ layout and is not bad for just general chatting and meeting sexy, fun, and single Russian women here and there.

It’s definitely hit or miss, but worth the effort, and is considerably cost effective!

All in all, you’ll get out of the (prospectively many) experiences what you put into them. While it might cost a little money to get started, you can always try to get your prospective future Russian girlfriend or wife to a more practical or affordable platform and site, such as Facebook (Vk) or Skype and the likes for more effective, legitimate, and personal communication!

Happy Dating!