hot-russian-in-leopard-bikiniThe beaches across Eastern Europe are not that great. They tend to be rocky and have a course heavy sand, and of course they are only usable about 2 months out of the year. But that doesn’t stop the Russian bikini brides from showing up in huge numbers.

However, maybe the reason there are so many beautiful Russians is because it is such a big country. Russia has eleven time zones from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and this causes so many accidents that economist are currently evaluating reducing to possibly four or five.

Still it seems like there are a lot of model quality girls for such a firgid country, but if you had a sexy Russian girlfriend you probably wouldn’t even notice the cold .

Perhaps, the cold is part of the reason for the number of beautiful Russian girls, because they burn tons of calories just staying warm. Who needs step aerobics when you have to walk a mile to work when it is twenty below.

Russian Beauties

The years since the fall of the old Soviet Union have been particularly tough on women. Young women witnessed a rise in criminality, particularly alcohol fueled domestic violence, that was probably really the primary reason for the beginning of the mail order bride industry.

During the past decade poverty has declined steadily in Russia and the middle class has grown significantly, so far fewer Russian beauties are trying to leave the country for purely economic reasons. So, few Russian mail order brides are simply economic migrants, not by any stretch.

Young women are attracted to the west because of what they see in movies and on television and the internet. They want to be treated like Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan. They want to live in a country that does not lead the world in alcoholism and domestic violence.

Not all Russian beauties try to escape by marrying a Western man, but nearly all of them are obsessed with high fashion and fitness. Young Russian girls like high fashion and staying in shape and those are two important reasons you like Russian mail order brides so much. Style is more than likely not something you worry about too much, but for many Russian beauties it boarders on an obsession.

Perhaps, part of this is because fashion was so drab during the Soviet era, but Russian women, especially city girls, love to shop. In fact, Moscow and St. Petersburg have two of the most expensive luxury shopping districts in the world and it is wise to discover if your finances match a girls expectations before the relationship gets too serious.

How To Meet Russian Women Online

Many beautiful, talented Russian ladies have made themselves available online for a bridal relationship. Russian men have neglected the finer qualities of a true relationship, resulting in Russian women seeking companionship from men abroad. Largely, this is because of the deregulation of alcohol since the collapse of the old Soviet Union many Russian men, most in fact by some clinical measures, have become alcoholics.

No one really wants to marry an alcoholic, so many beautiful Russian women are seeking long term relationships with men abroad. They have an extensively high standard for family, love, respect and emotional support.

These ladies are some of the most enticing women who may now be available for live chats on the web. There are many online sites that are established to facilitate online conversations with a Russian beauty. Some of the sites are safe, while others are fraudulent and misleading.

The best chance you have is to use an online dating agency, which ensures that all your letters are delivered individually to your bride. She will receive your letter in a couple of days. Also, the professionalism and expertise of the agency will track every letter mailed and ensure that you get a quick response, by following through with the details of translation and other things which are necessary for a speedy response.

You will need to understand that when the Russian bride receives your letter, she has the option of ignoring your mail, as they will typically respond to the men that they are interested in. If she is not interested, a potential suitor or the agency may respond accordingly, but if she is interested she will mail you and her letter will be translated into English.