There are a few dating agencies that offer more than just contact with lovely Russian women online. They provide scheduled tours to a few different cities in the country and also arrange for the women with whom you have been chatting to be there.

They do quite a bit of ground work to ensure that a man looking for a wife is not spending a few weeks wandering around in Russia, alone, trying to meet up with potential life partners. This is the safe way to go about finding a wife in Russia. Or…

Traveling to Russia on Your Own

Regardless in which country you are traveling, there are always dangers if you don’t follow the basic rules. Whether you are in New York or in the back blocks of Caracas, Venezuela, you wouldn’t wander down a dark alley at 3am would you?

Every city has pickpockets and traffic, and different laws and cultures and traditions. That’s why people travel in the first place – to see and experience all these things. Russia is no different. There are some great things to see in that country. It’s the 2nd largest country in the world.

Check with the FCO

Is it safe? The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises that travel in Moscow and St Petersburg is okay.

Most of the Russian cities are all safe to travel in but there is a warning to keep away from areas in the south, such as Chechnya and Dagestan. That makes sense because there is a war happening.

Your Itinerary

If you have chatted to a couple of women online and want to meet them, and you want to do this on your own, that’s fine. Your travel preparations should include booking flights and accommodation.

Make sure the hotel you stay in is in the vicinity of where the girls you are meeting live. Do you need an interpreter? Will the woman agree to meet you alone? Will she divulge her address?

One good thing about being in Russia is that Russians are Slavic but Caucasian so, unlike in Asia where you stand out like a sore thumb, you can blend in fairly easily…until you open your mouth to speak. 😊

Your Russian Visa

Suspicion of visiting foreigners, while still evident, is far, far less than 10 years ago. Russia is a more open city, and apart from the language you hear spoken, you could be forgiven to think you are somewhere in America.

Streets, traffic, people going about their daily lives, businesses and many historic places to visit. However, you can’t just jump on a plane and fly to Moscow as there will be no visa issued on arrival.

A visa for Russia must be applied for through the normal consular channels prior to departure. Allow a couple of weeks for the issue, but to be sure, you should apply a good 2 – 3 months before your planned trip. The requirements are all listed here, and the cost of your Tourist Visa is about $265.


Cities to Visit

If you have been smart, you will have been chatting to more than one girl, and not restrict yourself to Moscow and St Petersburg.

There are many beautiful cities outside these two where traffic and people are a lot less, the hotels are more than likely cheaper and it’s probably even safer.

While Trip Advisor or similar sites will give you a list of the top 10 cities, or some such info, your mission is to meet the girls with whom you have been chatting. That means visiting their cities rather than places that provide the best scenery or the most historic buildings.

As Russia is a lot older than the USA, everything will be steeped in history anyway, and the size of the country will ensure that you have plenty to see in the way of geographic marvels.

Moscow is in the middle of Russia, so if you elect to travel north to St Petersburg, it’s a long way. Similarly, travel to Rostov-on-Don or Vladivostok is south, also a long way.

If you have set up the girls you want to visit to be either north or south, then fine. But if one city is north and the other south, be prepared for some long-distance journeys.

Sochi – on the coast and actually bigger in area than Moscow

Volgograd – an industrial city, also called Stalingrad at one stage, and its history goes back to the 1500’s

Perm – east of Moscow and a beautiful city to visit, near the Ural Mountains

Ufa – the scientific, industrial and scientific centre of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Omsk – A part of Siberia and has been around for about 300 years.

Samara – the 6th largest city in Russia with a population of about 1.2 million and a history dating back to 1688.

All of these cities have a million or more inhabitants. Quite a few of the women online will come from these lesser cities

Save the Hassle

Doing all this on your own is quite the adventure, but there is an easier way. Earlier we talked about Romance Tours and the amount of organization involved to make them successful.

These Russian Romance Dating Tours are sometimes called Singles Dating Tours or even Mail Order Bride Tours and were initiated by dating sites who thought there was a more effective way for a single guy to meet a few hot Russian women from the dating site, and not spend a few weeks away from home.

The more people that could be brought together the better, so events were arranged as dinners and cocktail parties at local restaurants.

The Agency arranged for many single Russian women to attend so they could meet the single men all at one event at the one time. The events have become rather popular and are more effective than online dating itself.

Finding That Elusive Life Partner

It’s not foolproof, and there are times when regardless of how many women a single man can meet at one of these arranged events, he might not find a compatible partner.

The agencies do spend quite some time setting up chats and phone calls and doing everything they can to make the men feel comfortable.

It’s pointless making an overseas trip if there is no chemistry already between the women with whom the man has been in contact.

Some agencies offer additional services in which they personally interview the women and get an idea of their intentions towards them.

Agency Behind the Scenes

This sort of preliminary work helps avoid embarrassment and any disappointment that might arise with women who appealed to them.

Marriage is the ultimate goal of the whole set up, and it helps a man find a suitable woman. As ‘iffy’ as it may all sound, the success of foreign marriages, according to the Immigration Department of Justice, is twice that of domestic marriages.


The Get-Together

The Russian Romance Dating Tours are very successful because they send invitations to all the women on their agency list who live in the area where the dinner or social is being held. Not all the women are hot girl models, either.

The attendance ratio is about 500 women to 60 men. The ladies and men are all looking for a marriage partner in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some women need to travel to get there as they wouldn’t all live in the city. The gatherings last all evening and the men are touring from 7 – 14 days.

She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not

The men communicate with their interpreters for some feedback and find out who is interested in them and whether that feeling is reciprocal.

The guys can stay in touch with the Russian women with whom they had some chemistry, and this communication can continue when the men return to their countries.

It’s getting serious at this point and it may result in the man returning to Russia, to continue courting his potential bride.

Russian people, particularly the women, are reluctant to admit love or affection in the early stages of a romance and if a woman does tell a man that she loves him early in the relationship, be wary – it could be a scam.

Type of Tour

Romance Tours and sex tourism are not even remotely related. The ultimate goal of a sex tour is not usually marriage. The Russian Romance Tours are safe and well organized and held in obvious public places, and agency personnel make up the staff.

The cost is not cheap, but it’s the cost that defines the honest searcher as well. A person is not going to spend that sort of money on a sex tour or if the guy is a bit of a loser.

Compare the cost of doing it all on your own and having a lot of the groundwork already done for you. The convenience alone is well worth the investment.

Choosing the Agency

While every website says they are the greatest and have the highest success, it’s important that you make sure you are getting value for money and that you consider a few factors when making your choice of agency. The internet is full of reviews these days so be sure and read a couple before signing up for any agency, as well as checking with the Better Business Bureau.

If you had any thoughts about the safety of looking for your wife in Russia, the safety factor is multiplied tenfold when you consider that interpreters, hotel arrangements, transport and venues are all done in Russia by Russian people. It’s all legit, all above board and remember – there’s safety in numbers should you be assessing risk.